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Hatha Yoga – A Complete Sequence
Hatha yoga is the first and foremost style of yoga that was introduced to the world. All other styles have come out of it. Hatha Yoga means ‘willful’ or yoga of activity. ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘tha’ means moon, i.e. a balance between both. This yoga is practiced to bring balance between mind, body and spirit by bringing calm to them. Hatha yoga poses challenge your body to its limit, so you can bring out more from your body. It also helps bring balance and control over mind and body. To begin with its poses, you must sit erect without any support, and try to remain like that for longer periods (for sitting poses). Surya Namaskar is very helpful as it prepares your body for Hatha...
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Yoga for Beginners
Yoga Poses & Workouts for Beginners Most of us these days have become health conscious, thanks to our reducing physical and mental stren...
Read More November 22, 2017